Baby Elle’s First Birthday

I know it’s been a couple of months since my last blog post, my small family was just dealing with some personal things. I am back to regular blog posts now though, and just a couple of weeks ago we celebrated Baby Elle’s first birthday! It was an incredible milestone and a great day. I honestly cannot believe how fast the first year has gone by! It sounds so cliché and you hear it all the time when you’re pregnant, that the time flies by when you have a baby but it is honestly so true.

We didn’t do too much for Baby Elle’s first birthday because one is still a young age, we just had some family over to my moms house to celebrate. We had pizza and dessert. One thing I haven’t mentioned is that I am a fairly talented baker. I actually worked in a bakery before having Baby Elle. I’m not crazy experienced but I do cake decorating mainly. Because of this, it was very important to me to make all of Baby Elle’s birthday treats myself and from scratch, I made a little smash cake for Baby Elle, a 6″ vanilla cake for everyone else, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and snowflake sugar cookies that I decorated with white and pink royal icing. Baby Elle’s theme was “Winter Onederland” since she is a January baby and it is freezing cold and very snowy where we live. I’m really kicking myself though because I didn’t take any very good pictures of the desserts I made and I had a little mishap with my cakes. I had only brought one reusable piping bag to my moms that I had already fitted with a coupler because I decorated the cakes the day of the event. However, when I went to pipe a pretty border on the 6″ cake, my piping bag burst and my coupler came out 🙁 so I ended up not being able to pipe a border on the cake or write on Baby Elle’s smash cake.

Most of the things I purchased for Baby Elle’s theme I ordered from Etsy. I couldn’t get enough of Baby Elle in her birthday crown and tutu! As usual when there is something major we have been planning for, Baby Elle did not have a nap and was rather grumpy but we didn’t let it ruin her birthday festivities 🙂 also, even though it was her first Christmas just before her birthday, she did a better job opening her presents on her birthday than she did on Christmas. We loved watching her trying to peel off the wrapping paper.

Look at that concentration!

Baby Elle had pizza for the first time as her birthday dinner, which she mostly just picked the toppings off of and ate. It was rather entertaining watching her with her smash cake, it took her a very long time to dig into it and when she finally did, she did not love it. She shuddered a lot! I’m not surprised considering it was her first time having sugar.. Well, sugar that didn’t come from fruit anyways! Overall, I think it was a successful first birthday and thankfully mostly everything went as I was hoping it would! My only regret is not taking more pictures and not taking any close ups of the very pretty snowflake sugar cookies I decorated!

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