Cradle Cap

What is Cradle Cap?                                                                                                                                                                                Cradle cap is a skin condition in babies that is caused by an excessive production of sebum. It looks like yellowish scales on your babies head.

When Baby Elle was around 1 month of age, she had some funky looking scales on her forehead. I did a little bit of research on google and found out it was cradle cap. Although, I only read one article, and even then I only skimmed it and was under the impression that it would go away on its own. So, of course I left it alone and it gradually began to spread back into her hair. At her next doctors appointment I mentioned it to her doctor who informed me that you need to get rid of it or it will actually feed on your babies hair follicles and can interfere with hair growth! Yikes! Her doctor told me to apply a generous amount of olive or vegetable oil and GENTLY scrub with a soft bristled toothbrush.

After Baby Elle’s bath that night, I applied a generous amount of coconut oil (my favourite oil, especially to use on Baby Elle) and carefully used my fingernail to gently stick it under the edges of the scales and gently lift upwards until it peeled off. I will note that, where it was ready to come off, it took no effort and it just lifted right off with my gentle pressure, but there was parts of it that were not ready to come off yet and you could feel it resist so those parts I simply added more coconut oil to them and left them alone to try after her next bath.

If you decide to use my method, and you also prefer coconut oil, our apartment is warm enough that our coconut oil always remains liquid – but if yours is solidified, simply warm some up in the microwave but make sure that it is a comfortable temperature for your baby of course! 🙂

I have seen things like exfoliating shampoos for cradle cap, but honestly don’t waste your money! I’m sure you have any kind of cooking oil on hand, use whichever you have, and I know that you have fingernails. It really worked like a charm and was the best way for me to gauge how much pressure I was putting on my babies head since I can certainly feel my fingertips against my babies head as opposed to a toothbrush head. Using my fingernails, I could also tell when the scales were resisting so I knew when to stop so that I wasn’t irritating my babies sensitive skin anymore than I needed to. That’s also why I didn’t feel comfortable using a toothbrush on her head; no matter how gentle of a pressure you use, I can’t imagine that would feel very nice on your babies head!

Apparently I don’t have any pictures of Baby Elle when she had cradle cap but there’s a good chance that if your baby has cradle cap, you will know it when you see it.

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