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Baby Elle’s First Halloween!

Growing up, I always loved Halloween. It was easily one of my favourite holidays, but after middle school I lost interest in it. Even as a young adult I never partied or went to the bar or anything like that so I never had a reason to dress up. However, now that I’m a mother and it’s my baby girls FIRST Halloween, I couldn’t be more excited for it! I mentioned before that avocado is her favourite food, so when I saw an avocado costume on Carter’s website I could not resist buying it! My husband had already picked out a monkey costume for her because we call her our Chunky Monkey but I returned it because… a baby avocado!!

Since Baby Elle is just shy of 10 months on Halloween, I do know that she will have no idea what’s going on and she won’t be able to eat any candy but that doesn’t make me any less excited! Possibly even more excited because that means I’ll get to eat all of her candy and she will never know 🙂 Until however many years down the road when she reads this post… Lol.

My husband knew that regardless of her being so young, I still wanted both of us to take her out trick or treating so she could get the full experience for her first Halloween! Our Halloween day didn’t have a whole lot of excitement to it; we fed Baby Elle her usual scrambled eggs for breakfast, napped, etc. About a week prior to Halloween, Daddy Elle and I took Baby Elle to a pumpkin patch to start an annual tradition, and also to pick out a large pumpkin to carve out for her to sit in (like you see on Pinterest)! We found the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! So, on Halloween and after Baby Elle’s nap, we carved out our giant pumpkin and made sure to have big enough leg holes to fit Baby Elle’s chubby thighs 🙂

We packed up our great pumpkin and our avocado costume and we headed over to my moms. Baby Elle was kind of grumpy, which usually makes Daddy Elle grumpy too so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did try to get Baby Elle down for another nap beforehand but she didn’t feel like sleeping. Finally, when it came time to go trick-or-treating, we bundled Baby Elle up and put her costume on, loaded her into the stroller and tucked a blanket around her legs (it’s incredibly cold where we live) and headed out. We only went to a few houses, maybe 7-10, because we only did it to give her the full Halloween experience and it was very cold! A couple people questioned whether she was old enough to eat candy and a couple people just looked at us funny and didn’t give her candy. It was okay though, she really cheered up once we started trick-or-treating and she loved seeing the decorated houses. Once we got her back to my moms we took her Halloween costume off and put her in the carved pumpkin to take pictures. She really didn’t like it, she cried at first but she started smiling once she saw Daddy Elle and my mom taking pictures of her. She is seriously so good at pictures, she loves getting her picture taken! So, as you can see above, we did get some pictures of her in the pumpkin at least. Though I did buy a black bow headband to put on her while we took her picture inside of the pumpkin and I completely forgot about it when we were taking her pictures… whoops!

All in all, it was a really good first Halloween and such an incredible experience. I cannot wait to take her out again next year, and next year will be even better because she will be able to walk and most likely say trick or treat (or at least some form of “trick or treat”!) Here are some more pictures of Baby Elle dressed up for Halloween, and some pictures of Baby Elle at her first pumpkin patch.

Question: What did you dress your baby/kids up as this year!?

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