My Experience Beginning Solids w/ Baby Elle + a Recipe

My daughter has always eaten lots of breastmilk, right from birth in the hospital so I couldn’t wait for her to reach 6 months of age when I could start her on solids. I told my husband for months that I was excited about it and the first thing I wanted to try was pureed yams. Finally, when Baby Elle was 6 months old and I knew it was okay to start her on solids (I completely despise baby cereal, more on that another time) my plan was to give her pureed fruits for breakfast and pureed vegetables for supper. For her first breakfast I gave her pureed blueberries. She was really not sure about them! She gagged a lot, which is to be expected when you begin solid foods with your baby – just incase you are a first time mommy and didn’t know because nobody told me 🙂

Baby Elle also shuddered a lot and looked incredibly unimpressed every time I would put another spoonful of blueberry by her mouth. For dinner, I had roasted and pureed some yams since I had been waiting forever! I fed her her first bite, and… she hated them!! I was so disappointed, she gagged and just absolutely refused to eat them! While she did also gag with the blueberries, she still let me feed them to her but with the yams she wouldn’t even let me feed her anymore bites. Even now, at 10 months old, Baby Elle still hates yams! Her favourite foods are avocado**, peaches and applesauce. **Avocado is her absolute favourite, she eats it better than anything else.

I know it’s not practical for every mom to be able to make homemade baby food, and of course there’s nothing wrong with store-bought.. Just make sure if you are buying already made baby food that you read the labels and don’t buy anything with added sugar and buy organic as much as possible! I do choose to make my own baby food, and while I’ve seen all kinds of fancy baby food makers, even some that are all in one that have a steamer and a blender (among other things) built in, my absolute favourite way to make baby food at home is using a good old-fashioned steamer pot and a food processor! A couple years back on boxing day, my husband bought us a Cuisinart set of pots and pans for cheap and it came with a steamer pot so I use that and I blend it all up in our kitchen-aid brand food processor. For me, the food processor was a much better investment than something that is designed for baby foods because it does everything, I use it to make hummus, baby purees, it chops, it dices, it shreds! It is definitely one of my most used tools in my kitchen. So if you are trying to figure out your best option to make homemade baby food, my advice is don’t waste your money on a fancy gadget made for preparing baby food.. buy a steamer insert or steamer pot and a food processor if you don’t already have them!

Question: What was your baby’s favourite food when you first began solids?

I also wanted to share a healthy recipe that my daughter enjoys eating. It’s a peach-quinoa-sweet potato puree!

  • 1 peach, peeled, pitted and chopped
  • 1/4 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 small sweet potato, peeled, chopped and steamed or roasted until tender

I peeled, chopped and steamed my sweet potato first, and while it was steaming I cooked my quinoa (according to package directions). I peeled, pitted and chopped my peach last.                                                                                                  Add all of the ingredients to a food processor or blender, and blend until completely smooth and combined and there are no chunks left! I keep enough leftovers in a small container in the fridge to feed Baby Elle for about 3 days, and with the remaining puree, I divide it among an ice cube tray and freeze it! That way it’s already portioned out when you need to thaw a cube for your babe 🙂

*Please note: you shouldn’t give your baby multiple new foods at the same time unless they’ve tried them separately before, just incase your baby has a reaction (God forbid) so you are able to rule out which food would have caused it. It is also not a good idea to give your baby multiple new foods at the same time because you run the risk of your baby becoming constipated.

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